! The Best selling heating system in the world

! Heating your pool maximizes the time you can enjoy in it

Optimal E offers three different systems for your pool, according to costumer's needs. From making swimming season longer to full use all year round. All systems are based on the solar system as an energy resource. The hybrid system also comes with a heat pump as a backup for winter time.

doubles the swimming season

heating without any cost

10 years of warranty

ecologic soulotion

Systems to choose from

The solar system enables swimming season to last up to 8 months long in a warm temp of 27° – 30° and higher.

OPTIMAL-E is the largest company in Israel for the marketing and installation of solar heating systems for swimming pools and the main marketer for them Magen  Eco-Energy  in Israel.Magen Eco-Energy  [Kibbutz Magen] is the largest and best manufacturer in the world for collectors for heating swimming pools for 40 years!

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